about BeTR 

With 30 years of professional experience in technology projects in the global traffic and transport market as well as sustainable transport and energy market, Ben Rutten started BeTR Technology Research in march 2012. 


BeTR provides consultancy, project management, innovation assessment studies, definition & feasibility studies and tender management for businesses, research companies and (local) governments in the traffic and transport market as well as the renewable energy market.

BeTR is working on a high R&D level on innovations and advanced technology in a R&D setting, experienced at leading commercial companies, governmental agency and technical university: TomTom, Logica, Dutch Ministry of Transport, Delft University of Technology, CE Delft.

knowledge & network

Including BeTR in your technology research projects you are gaining in depth knowledge on traffic management and traffic information technology and a broad knowledge in the field of traffic & transport and renewable energy as well as access to a broad network of professionals in these markets. BeTR will bring focus in your projects and create the headlines out of detailed information. BeTR can build and manage for you successful international focused teams in a virtual environment dealing with cultural and language differences.

awards and patents

For TomTom, Ben Rutten won 2 awards on HD Traffic & IQ Routes: the VanAnaarBeter Award 2008 issued by Dutch Ministry of Transport; the ATC Innovation Award 2009, issued by Dutch Automotive Technology Cluster; Ben Rutten is co-writer/holder of 3 patents; he is graduated as PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation Technology.



BeTR Ben Rutten Technology Research

julianalaan 84

2628 bj delft

the netherlands

+31 6 290 525 69





BeTR is registered at the chamber of commerce in the hague, the netherlands, no 54809606

creating information technology to improve travel time and journey experience


about BeTR Ben Rutten Technology Research

BeTR is registered at the chamber of commerce in the hague, the netherlands, no 54809606                            contact              +31 6 290 525 69                ben.rutten@betr.nl