being internet connected anytime anywhere anyhow

The trend towards anytime anywhere anyhow anybody being internet connected is irreversible. Although massive mobile internet usage on smartphones, tablets and laptops is already common praxis, being internet connected while driving a car is still in the early stage. Traffic information services integrated in in-car navigation systems are widely available but still not a commodity. Further seamless integration of internet connected information and entertainment services into in-car infotainment solutions is on its way.

industrial and societal demands and technological trends

The different dynamics of consumer electronics and automotive industry will come together in these in-car integrated information services. Car to car communication technology as well as car to infrastructure communication technology will enable new in-car innovations towards co-operative driving. Floating >>

Floating Car Data will be extended from currently mainly GPS positions collection towards CAN-bus collected vehicle and environment status data. As a result safety and privacy regulations will be challenged. And last-but-not-least, societal demand for optimal land-use and minimum environmental load will not stay behind. Advanced electric drive trains, improved battery technology and emerging sustainable electric power generation (e.g. solar & wind) are on their way.

technology research enables the right journey experience

These massive technology and societal trends will change the way of collaboration between regulators, road authorities, consumer electronics industry, automotive industry and power generation industry. Technology research and development will enable new market developments and when successful will find their way to serve the user on his journey in a seamless integrated internet connected user friendly in-car infotainment experience in his sustainable powered vehicle.

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